The best two hard drives for gaming

Gaming in computers is heavily a resource demanding task which incorporates advanced graphical technology which requires a very strong and durable hard drive to run smoothly. The ordinary hard drives will experience difficulties when it comes to hard core gaming. This means that they will be unable to withstand the amount of capacity require to sustain the smooth running of any gaming operation. This therefore calls for a hard drive that is very strong and one which will ensure a smooth gaming experience coupled with maximum entertainment. It must be able to deliver a solid performance with exceptionally higher speed and total reliability. This distinguishes the best hard drive for gaming with the usual day to day hard drives. Of interest are two of the most rated hard drives according to IT professional reviews. These drives are Seagate Enterprise Capacity 7200 RPM Internal Hard drive for SATA III desktop computers and Western Digital Black (New and Improved) also for desktop computers.

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 7200 RPM Internal Hard drive comes with a five year warranty and it is regarded as the fastest and best hard drive for gaming in the world. It has a capacity range of between 2TB – 6TB. But the 6 TB capacity type is the fastest, strongest and most durable. It is very expensive and has a price range of $200-over $400 depending with the capacity. It has the ability of transferring data faster than any other hard drive using the latest interface on a trusted platform. In comparison to normal drives it can deliver ten times done by an average desktop hard drive. With an improved power and cooling efficiency it consumes minimal power and has an on demand Power Choice Technology. Its interface type is SATA 6.0 Gb/s (SATA3).

Close on its heels but with a lower capacity and speed is the Western Digital Black (New and Improved) hard drive which uses the same interface as Seagate Enterprise but cheaper. Its special features include the Vibration Control Technology in which the disks inside the drive are able to adapt to the vibrations inside the case which are occasioned by mounting problems and system induced vibrations. This feature ensures an increased data accuracy performance and reliability over time. It therefore works harder, faster and longer. Its other special feature is the use of Stabletrac Technology which secures the motor shaft at both ends to reduce system induced vibrations and stabilizes the platters inside which results in more accurate tracking during read and write operations to increase its overall performance. It produces an excellent desktop performance with its improved architectural design and improved data protection features. It also comes with a five year warranty and supports nearly all desktop operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux.

In a nutshell it is important to consider several factors when choosing the best hard drive for gaming. These factors include high speed, stability which is consistent, long lasting endurance, high capacity and a long term warranty. All these factors considered then you have the best hard drive for gaming that you can possibly find.